Seminars and Programmes


  • Microsoft
  • Honeywell
  • McAfee
  • TATA
  • Time Inc
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Shakti Group
  • Aspen Group

“I would highly recommend the workshops for any organization that would like to make a fundamental impact to their employees/members.”  Masood Hussainy – Head of the Aerostructures Program Management Office, Tata Advanced Systems

“Highly recommend Sensei David. ” – Ravi Krishnan, COO , Goldman Sachs

“Excellent multidimensional coverage of several aspect of leadership that are essential in every leaders toolkit.  VERY IMPRESSED”. – Mildid Godbole, Managing Director, Honeywell

“Concepts explained in a very simple and effective manner. Did not realise how the day passed by. Extremely enriching session”   Mridul Bhanot – Communication Lead, Microsoft.

“Its a pleasure to just “be” in the same space with Sensei.” – Aditya Natraj, Director – Kaivalya.

“Extremely fruitful to take this workshop.  The session instantly energised and brought back clarity in both professional and personal life.” – Neelu Khatri, Senior Director – Honeywell.

“Sensei David has some very practical lessons on life, the mind and the body and uses simple techniques to teach how to harness the power within.” – Satvik Varma, Judge Advocate

“The one day preview I attended has left me hungry for more.  Learning tools for daily practice that strengthen mindfulness and trigger change were immensely useful” – Reshma Anand, Founder, Earthy Goods

“One of the best training programs I have ever attended”     Vijashankar, TASL


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Seminars for senior leaders to facilitate core cultural change and optimise the development of professional individuals, teams and organisations capable of functioning at extraordinary levels of effectiveness and efficiency – joyfully and with minimum stress – all within the framework of a harmonious life balance. Click here to find out more

Horizon Mentoring Programme

Exclusive to Directors, CEO’s, Senior Executives and Leaders. Test, grow and reward yourself with a flexible and highly personalised mentoring programme. There are only ten places available annually. Take the opportunity to learn and work alongside David – polishing your thoughts, extending your vision, grasping unseen opportunity and identifying leverage for the quantum leaps that take you and your teams to another level. Click here to find out more

Mastermind Programme

By application only – Exclusive to Directors, CEO’s, Senior Executives and Leaders. Mastermind is an exclusive international, cross-industry programme offered annually by Strategic Living. Only six applicants are inducted into each programme and only one representative will be accepted from any single industry group. Successful applicants will participate in a high level and extraordinarily innovative 12 month programme of personalised and group mentoring, on-line group meetings, a face to face member conference as well as a global inter-industry project. Click here to find out more

Strategic Visioning and Planningpalm2 - Copy

Workshops for senior leaders covering both the ‘hard and soft’ focus areas of purpose, mission, culture, core values and competencies, systems, information management and much more. Click here to find out more


The seminars and workshops are a deep and truly transformative experience. They sow the seeds for personal and professional mastery. Recent international seminars have been provided to the senior leadership teams for organisations including McAfee, HoneyWell and TATA Advanced Systems.

The Strategic Living team are also available to discuss tailoring seminars to your needs. Contact us for more details