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“Sensei David did a two day workshop on Strategic Living for my senior leadership team. Having been subjected to years of Corporate Training and being generally cynical middle-aged, ‘know-it-all’ managers that most of us become, the team was not really looking forward to the session. The fact that the workshop was over a weekend did not help matters.

It is not often that I have seen my leadership team get so deeply touched and introspective as I saw them after two days. For each one of them, the two days were life impacting and even today, nearly two months after the session, I can see each one of them applying in their own way what they learnt and most importantly trying to be what Sensei David began his session by saying – “To be a great ______, you need to be a great person”. The blanks could be anything you wish to be.

The topics Sensei David was dealing with were complex – leadership, vision, life-lessons, culture. Done incorrectly, the sessions could easily be a collection of platitudes and homilies that nobody would disagree with, but would also not cause any real impact.

Sensei David has been a Martial Arts practitioner for more than 4 decades. He has imbibed the philosophy and wisdom of Aikido from the Masters of the art in Japan. More importantly he has applied the philosophy and wisdom of Aikido in his day to day activities, in particular to dealing with troubled youth in Australia to prevent them from drifting towards a life in crime and working with people with disabilities to provide them life skills. He runs a farm where people with disabilities grow organic produce. He also runs a successful organization – Compass Inc, which has been recognized as one of the best run organizations in Australia. All of these life experiences are brought to bear in Sensei David’s sessions. He also uses a unique body-mind methodology, where martial arts practise and physical exercise is followed by sharing of learning. This unique style causes learning of difficult concepts in a very easy manner as the brain is more receptive with the physical activity. A reverse of the mind-body connection of Yoga.

I am looking forward to Sensei David’s next visit to India and have already blocked days with him to do another session with a larger group of my Managers. I would highly recommend the workshops for any organization that would like to make a fundamental impact to their employees/members.”  Masood – Head of the Aerostructures Program Management Office, Tata Advanced Systems.

“Highly recommend Sensei David.  ” – Ravi Krishnan, COO , Goldman Sachs

“Awesome, loved it.  Very impactful experience.” – Anurag Bhagania – CFO ACS India, Honeywell.

Excellent multidimensional coverage of several aspect of leadership that are essential in every leaders toolkit.  VERY IMPRESSED”. – Mildid Godbole, Managing Director, Honeywell

” Masterful, deep, practical outlook that unified body, mind and spirit.  Helped integrate self awareness to high performance.  Harmonised teams that exemplify flow, and rhythm for superior performance.” – Arvind Mathur, Director MPM, Honeywell HTS AERO

” Its a pleasure to just “be” in the same space with Sensei.” – Aditya Natraj, Director -Kaivalya.

“Extremely fruitful to take this workshop.  The session instantly energised and brought back clarity in both professional and personal life.” – Neelu Khatri, Senior Director – Honeywell.

“Sensei David has some very practical lessons on life, the mind and the body and uses simple techniques to teach how to harness the power within.” – Satvik Varma, Advocate

” The one day preview I attended has left me hungry for more.  Learning tools for daily practice that strengthen mindfulness and trigger change were immensely useful” – Reshma Anand, Founder, Earthy Goods

“I learnt how to stand, walk, watch, listen and breathe.  Excellent fresh perspective.  Enjoyed it thoroughly”  Rahul Khare, Strategic Marketing Leader, Honeywell.

“This was a power packed session.  Gave us simple steps for effective living ” Bhooma Krishnan, Founder – Director, Eudaimonic – Centre for positive life and well being.

” Concepts explained in a very simple and effective manner. Did not realise how the day passed by. Extremely enriching session “Mridul Bhanot – Communication Lead, Microsoft.

“Made me more self aware and to be in tune with myself. Helped define balance better”  Zachariah John, Director, Engineering, Honeywell.

” One of the best training programs I have ever attended”     Vijashankar, TASL

“To be a good athlete/ manager/ leader/parent… to be a good “anything” , you have to be a good person “.  The Strategic Living workshop provides you with a roadmap, that can change the way you look at life and living.  The zen wisdom, accumulated over generations of great Japanese masters, coupled with scientific facts and recent research, gained by Sensei David Dangerfield over more than 40 years, is handed over to you on a platter.  The valuable insights help us remind ourselves of the wondrous, ephemeral nature of reality.  Complex theories are presented with easy simplicity that could only emerge from a thorough experiential understanding of the subject.  The games, stories and tips would help one retain the learnings and practice it on a regular basis.  Strategic Living is Each moment could be lived with awareness, agility, creativity and responsibility enabling one to improve one’s relationship with oneself, one’s family and friends, one’s community and one’s organisation. At the end of the workshop, one is left with a deep sense of gratitude towards this compassionate master, who is spending his time, openly sharing all that he knows, and donating every penny he earns, in order that finds ways of repaying his teacher.” Shobitha Kedlaya – Proto Village