About Proto Village

After 2.5 years of traveling across rural India and 5 years of living and learning the waysIMG_3610 - Copyof rural life in a remote drought-prone village cluster, our thinking evolved from a raw ambition of “wanting to change” to an inspired practice of “being the change”.

Being set up in 12.5 acres of land, in the 2nd driest district in India (Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh), ProtoVillage is a role-model rural community being built for the villagers, by the villagers. It will be a center for learning, practice, demonstration and dissemination of the knowledge on how any community in this region can organize itself to be Socially cohesive, Ecologically sustainable and Economically viable.

Proto Village Objectives

1.           To function as a model village demonstrating an abundant community life based on the principles of respectful interdependenceIMG_20150329_172037-2

2.           To function as a centre for research & development of ecologically sustainable enterprises

3.           To create and nurture a rural entrepreneurship ecosystem that helps villagers establish locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable enterprises.

4.           To collaboratively build an open, comprehensive repository of knowledge on all aspects of abundance.

5.           To network and cooperate with other agencies engaged in complementary activities

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