Part 2 – David’s Adventures in India & Malaysia

Part #2 – Bangalore, Goa, Batu Ferringhi

Thank you to Anant, Suresh, Pooja, Anshuman and the 27 participants in the Honeywell Corporate training day. It was my privilege and pleasure to present the Strategic Living workshop at the Bangalore headquarters over 6 hours today. I very much look forward to future opportunities to work together again with such a progressive company and such open minded people. Thank you.

bangalore seminar


Ok… So it wasn’t ALL work today



The sun goes down in the west and the moon rises in the east. The magic of the west coast of India…



Just another boring night out with the TATA Advanced Systems team




Oh no… Not another sunset over the Arabian Sea. But I guess someone has to watch it…




I got a little bored so decided to open my own Airway / Travel company while in Goa..




It’s been my absolute privilege to spend the past three days with this great team. A huge thank you to Masood and all the members of the TATA Advanced Systems team for their generosity and open mindedness. I believe this is the beginning of what will prove to be a lasting & extremely beneficial partnership… And many strong friendships. Thank you all!



My great thanks to Sumeet, Kalyan and Shobitha for all their loving care and kindness during my travels in India. I can’t thank you enough but look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate in the future. See you all again soon!




One more paratha for the road… On the way to Kuala Lumpur from Bangalore.



It’s a bit of a dump I know… But I’ll just have to grin and bear it…. Welcome to Batu Ferringhi!