Compass wins the Sunshine Coast Business Awards

I have some exciting news for you all! As many of you will already know, Compass was nominated for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards scheduled for last Saturday – 15th November – at the Innovation Centre. The first part of the process was based on an exhaustive written application and we made it through to

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Martial Reflections

Martial Reflections — In Search of Wisdom is a collection of short stories written by David that blend practicality, philosophy and poetic imagery. The reader is exposed to the concept that simple is not necessarily easy… that purity of thought and action requires conscious ‘grinding and polishing’ until only the essence remains. While some of the

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Links with India

While in India, David developed important links with The Eco Store. We are sourcing handicrafts that are made in Indian villages for sale through Compass’ new retail shop – Wabi Sabi. Stay tuned for more updates!

Strategic EDU Forum

Strategic EDU Forum David gave an inspiring talk about the relationship between martial arts and Compass to a group of dedicated volunteers in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Thank you very much to the volunteers who worked so hard to make the Strategic EDU forum possible!

Forum in India

On the 28th of September White Matter and Collimating Colours, in association with Compass, held a Strategic-EDU forum at the East Bourne Resort in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. The forum was specifically for teachers, parents of people with disabilities, entrepreneurs and staff of NGO’s. David spoke alongside Dr. RC Sharma, HoD Psychology and Er. Sumeet

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