David India trip 2019

Do yourself a huge favour… scroll slowly through these photos and videos and see how dreams come true. Seven years ago I met Kalyan Akkipeddi when he was living and working on a small farm in Andhra Pradesh… breaking his body to help a single farmer.

Why? Because 25,000 Indian farmers kill themselves and their families each year. They are slowly starving to death… and he felt compelled to help them. So he gave up his comfortable corporate life to learn and demonstrate ways in which their lives could become sustainable. And I felt compelled to help him.

Five years ago he realised the first step in his dream by purchasing 12 barren acres where he and his small team began creating Proto Village – a model rural village that showcases sustainable practices in areas including construction, water harvesting, waste management, land use, education and much more.

Yesterday I had the first chance in over 2 years to visit and see their progress. I am so proud of their extraordinary efforts and grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in their dream. ❤️DAD5FF11-5E83-49B0-A083-F03D2454B289 4138AE5A-C4C9-40CA-854B-64D63413BB04 5AAAFF2B-9D2C-4026-8851-92EC1AB3E07B 813D2EA4-E838-4572-8FC2-5F69BC296356 F582FB51-C484-471C-A7C0-D58B4E1E5EC4 81DFA6AF-3E72-4AE7-9867-5ABF4D8F7CA8 01C6353D-29AC-4403-AEBD-03A8053EF1CE CBA36248-6CEE-421F-BFA9-B461F7AAB469 C2DB25A2-ADE1-43A6-B184-62F5044011BA 68C28D5C-EFA3-45B4-B209-1B79A8179244 6B083DB3-9D2C-452C-9280-184B37974A8F EF17CD64-3251-41B4-A0BA-0018B445D70D 1C88EFB9-388D-4BA4-979D-143CC29A0B50 D553F57E-19AB-4471-8330-67EE9A46B0A6 D12E7070-A2C4-4949-B5F2-33E691D6F860 CCC45812-76FD-40B4-9A94-EA1A44EE6749 02746C4F-B1D1-4810-B854-1E7C2A9F7528 47D4904C-89C7-4CA3-9548-CF2FFA8557CB 0B48C1B5-5B56-4793-BD62-E3DDF2204898 739DA057-60D5-4F8B-B8C7-4E18392CEC73 C592A5BB-29A6-4573-9F94-0569AADE2204 14F40DB7-1FCA-40A6-A235-50E3E45F88C0 47277376-9D1E-4F4F-8D2A-6202AB3710A8 B554FD53-7BFA-4F40-9864-DE380AF5D785 2280F0F4-54F4-458F-A9B2-5D9EBA17AC6C EB7E3531-74C0-4382-AEC7-A2629303B149Q